Workplace design, office equipment and workplace injuries

Mary Govoni & Associates can evaluate your workplace for ergonomic risk factors, recommend changes in office and equipment configuration, posture and positioning and preventive programs to help reduce the risk of work-related musculoskeletal disorders. We provide on-site evaluation and training, as well as assistance in facility planning and design and equipment selection. 

Ergonomics is a term that is used a great deal when discussing workplace design, office equipment and workplace injuries. But what exactly is ergonomics? It is defined as the study of work and the science of designing the workplace to optimize it for worker comfort, safety and efficiency. Efficiency is a critical factor in dental practice productivity and profitability. But even more importantly, the comfort and safety of dental professionals is vital to practice success. Ergonomic injuries can threaten the livelihood of any dental health care professional. Also known as musculoskeletal disorders, cumulative trauma disorders or repetitive motion injuries. These injuries may involve muscles, tendons, nerves, joints and spinal discs. Symptoms may include pain, numbness, stiffness, difficulty moving. If not identified, diagnosed and treated some injuries can result in permanent disabilities to workers. 

Click here to download OSHA’s publication on ergonomics in the workplace

The key causes of ergonomic injuries or ergonomic risk factors are awkward postures, repetitive tasks, vibration, forceful exertion and heavy lifting, many of which dental professionals experience while treating patients and performing administrative duties. Ignoring symptoms may result in decreased work capacity or disability.